Seismic lab (Signehamna)#

Following this course remotely?

The following content deals with the Signehamna data lab facilities at UNIS. It may therefore be skipped when taking part in this course remotely and independently.

Welcome to the Seismic Lab in the Arctic Geology corridor - also known as Signehamna. The Signehamna seismic data lab is equipped with powerful and expensive terminals. Specialised licensed software such as SLB Petrel, Agisoft Metashape, Blender, GIS, and Lime is installed that is optimised for (big) data processing. Furthermore, confidential data is present that warrants physical restrictions on access to the room.

The use of Signehamna is therefore primarily reserved for Arctic Geology staff and graduate students conducting research, or for UNIS courses requiring specific software. Other users are requested to use the UNIS computer labs. Signehamna also hosts the hand-sample lightbox suitable for hand-sample SfM photogrammetry.

Terms and conditions

  • Physical access rights to Signehamna are granted by request only – students please email Kim Senger with time period, software required and your UNIS supervisor.

  • No copying of data files from the computers in Signehamna to external media, the cloud etc. without written permission

  • Data in Signehamna is not backed up – so you need to use own external drives on which you work, local drives on the machines may be cleaned without warning

  • Writing, drawing, making presentations, using ArcGIS etc. should be done in the other UNIS PC labs.

  • Strictly no coffee or other liquids near any of the computers

  • Windows with explicit warnings are not be opened to prevent dust from entering the room.

  • Use of the PCs and software requires explicit and correct acknowledgement of grant holders, grants, etc., including grant numbers, when applicable.


Work in progress

Automated photography lightbox#


Work in progress