Welcome to the AG222 Compendium Portal!#

Welcome to the AG222 Data Mining portal, a compendium made for the AG222-Integrated Geological Methods: From Outcrop to Geomodel course at The University Centre in Svalbard.

This module covers the basic online resources to find the information you need to conduct your research in Svalbard.

Open access

The AG222 Compendium Portal is open for everyone to follow online. It is aimed as an open-source reference work for maining information to use while conducting your research in Svalbard.

The University Centre in Svalbard

While it is an open-access compendium, support will only be provided for the students joining the University Centre in Svalbard Arctic Geology 222 bachelor course, running each spring.

Course format and topics#

This compendium is split in several modules, consisting of interactive lectures walkthroughs, and exercises.

Exernal resources

Some of the modules are linked to external resources, developed as part of other guides and compendiums. Note that when clicking on a page with a small box and an arrow, you will be redirected to the corresponding compendium with the original chapter. In order not to lose track of where you are, we recommend that you open these resources in a new tab.


Fig. 2 Open the external resources in a new tab.#

The main learning objectives of this compendium are:

  • Familiarize and use Svalbox online portal

  • Familiarize and use online resources

  • Mining information

  • Present your findings in class

You will also find links to other compendium that might be useful for your research in different topics.

Compendium status#

The AG222 compendium is in constant development, with additional tutorials and how-tos added continously to keep the work up-to-date with recent developments and evolving best practices in class.

Suggestions and or fixes?#

Notice some unclear sections? A typo in the text? Want to contribute in one of the course sessions? Get in touch and let’s make thing happen!


Fig. 3 This page uses Github as a backbone. All it takes is a Github account, which even comes with student benefits. Once connected, feel free to open an issue as per the above - whether suggesting improvements or highlighting bugs.#