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Flying drones on Svalbard

Flying drones on Svalbard#

As mentioned in the second session on UAV pre-flight check list, whenever you design a flight plan, you have to know and comply with specific UAV operation laws in the area you are flying.

In Svalbard, the drone regulations are defined by the Governor of Svalbard according to the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority.

Do not disturb the wildlife

It is forbidden to disturb the wildlife on Svalbard. This includes flyind drones around bird cliffs and nesting areas, marine and terrestrial mammals, etc.


Around Longyearbyen it is not permitted to fly drones closer than 5 km to the airport, unless permission from the control tower has been granted. The pilot must obtain permission himself for each flight.


Fig. 19 Map around Longyearbyen where flying drones is prohibited. You can open the map following this link.#

Avinor online map


Flying drones is prohibited in Ny-Alesund and the entire Kongsfjorden due to the flying ban of five kilometers around Ny-Alesund airport and the 20 km radio silence zone around the city. The Norwegian Communications Authority is responsible for managing frequency resources in Norway.

Kings Bay A/S owns Ny-Alesund Airport and is formally responsible for the airspace in the Hamnerabben Traffic Information Zone (red line on map).


Fig. 20 Traffic information zone (red line on map) established to protect the airspace around the airport and the flights to and from the airport.#

Hamnerabben Traffic Information Zone

For more information regarding the Hamnerabben Traffic Information Zone and the Ny-Alsund area, click here.