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Register as a UAS operator#

UAV Flying license in Europe#

To fly UAV in Europe, you must be a registered pilot. Registering as a drone pilot is a relatively straightforward process, but you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. You must be at least 16 years old to register as a drone operator.

  2. In Norway, you have to pay a yearly fee of 220 nok.

  3. Register with ID-porten if you have a Norwegian national identity number or a D-number even if you are a foreign citizen.

CCA Norway

To register as a UAS operator in Norway, visit


You can register as a:

  • Private person as a drone pilot, with drone

  • Pilot for an organisation

  • Organisation or company as a drone operator

Unless you want to register an organisation with you as a contact person, we recommend that you register as a Private person as a drone pilot, with drone.

Once you access to Register with ID-porten you will have to introduce your personal electronic ID. If you don’t have a Norwegian electronic ID you can still register as a Foreign user, in which case you will have to create a personal account.

Once you have registered and paid the annual fee, you are allowed to fly drones under 250 grams.

UAS Operator responsibilities#

If you’re a UAS operator flying in the open category, you have several responsibilities. These include:

  • Preparing mitigation measures or operational procedures based on the type of operation and the potential damage the UAS could cause.

  • You also need to appoint a pilot for each operation and ensure that they have adequate training.

  • If your UAS has a geo-awareness system, make sure to update it based on the place of operation.

  • For operations with UAS that have a class identification tag, you need to have a declaration of conformity and ensure the UAS has been marked with a UAS manufacturer class identification tag.

  • If you’re operating in A2 and A3 and there are people participating, you need to inform them of the risks and obtain their explicit agreement to participate.

UAV Pilot reposibilities#

When operating a UAV in the open category, the pilot must fulfill certain responsibilities. These include:

  • Having the necessary training and carrying proof of it during the flight, as well as being fully responsible for the aviation safety of the flight.

  • The pilot must not fly under the influence of psychoactive substances or alcohol, or if they are not in adequate conditions to fly.

  • The pilot cannot fly near or in areas where emergency operations are being carried out, unless expressly authorized by the responsible emergency service.

  • The pilot must also adhere to the MTOM and mass limit of the UAS class, and cannot modify the UAS against the manufacturer’s guidelines. - The pilot must respect the operational limits defined in the geographical area of the UAS of the planned place of operation at all times.