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Flying next to airports


Flying next to airports#


Flying drones is strictly prohibited within a distance 5 km of an airport.

To get an overview of airports in Norway, you can visit Avinor’s website.

If you need to fly your drone within 5 km of an airport, you must obtain clearance from the control tower.

In Norway, most locations are operated by Avinor, which uses the Ninox Drone app.


Note that this zone does not apply to areas around aerodromes. As a UAV pilot, you are responsible for avoiding collisions. It is recommended that you make an agreement with the aerodrome prior to flying.


Fig. 17 UAV next to a plane. Image source.#

Ninox Drone App#

The Ninox Drone system simplifies the process for drone operators to obtain clearance for flying near some of Norway’s largest airports. It offers crucial information about regulations, airspace, and contact details to the air traffic service.

This system replaces the traditional method of requesting permission to fly drones via phone or email for several local airports.

You can download the app by following this link.


Fig. 18 Ninox App. Image source.#