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Geo-MOD UAV certificates requirements

Geo-MOD UAV certificates requirements#

In the Geo-MOD course, you will operate UAVs in the open category that weigh more than 250 grams. Since we will not fly UAVs 120 m higher than the take-off point and we will only fly them within line-of-sight, we will need to have the certificate for the A1/A3 subcategory.


To fly drones as part of the Geo-MOD course, it is a mandatory requirement to have the subcategories A1/A3 certificate of competence to fly UAVs.

After registering as a UAV operator in, you can access the A1 and A3 subcategories online courses and exams. You get access to the exam after completing the online course. (Remember to click through all pages, including control questions for the course to be marked as complete.)

Fees of certificate of competence

Private individuals pay an annual fee of 220 nok (in 2022). Note that each student will cover the costs individually.

Once you have passed the A1 / A3 certificate of competence, download it from “My page” on


Fig. 2 The certificate of competence looks similar to this one.#