V3Geo is purpose-built for sharing virtual 3D models within the geoscience community. The repository includes hundreds of high quality virtual outcrop and other 3D geoscience models that have been uploaded and shared by our community. All public models are available under Creative Commons licenses and can be used in classrooms, publications, research, or as the basis of virtual field courses and excursions. Private space and sharing options for individuals or organisations are now available.

V3Geo is distinct from other 3D sharing platforms because it was designed specifically for geoscientists, with the quality control expected by scientific and professional users. Models are georeferenced and searchable using geological metadata. The 3D models can be viewed online and are not restricted in size. In addition, there are links to specific virtual outcrop software.

Create a model#

To create a new model entry, V3Geo offers a comprehensive, easy-to-follow tutorial with step-by-step instructions. To access the tutorial, click here.

Watch this video of the process of creating and submitting a public 3D model on V3Geo.